Sl No Polling Station
1 Rajegowdanahundi-Government Higher Primary School, Rajegowdana hundi
2 Bheemanahalli-1-Government Higher Primary School (South Side) Bheemanahalli
3 Bheemanahalli-2-Government Girijan Ashrama School Bheemanahalli
4 Mushkere-Government Lower Primary School Mushkere
5 Gangadahosahalli -1-Government HigherPrimary School Right Side Room No -1 Gangadahosahalli
6 Gangadahosahalli -2-Government HigherPrimary School, Left Side Room No -2, Gangadahosahalli
7 Kotthegala-Government Lower Primary School, Kothegala
8 Alanahalli-1-Government Higher Primary School, (North Wing)Alanahalli-
9 Alanahalli-2-Government Higher Primary School Alanahalli-( South Wing)
10 Halladamanuganahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Halladamanuganahalli
11 Kattehundi-Government Lower Primary School, Kattehundi
12 Muddayana hundi (GBS)-Government Lower Primary School, Muddayana hundi
13 Gollanabeedu-Government Lower Primary School, Gollanabedu
14 Gollanabeedu Sargur-1-Govt.Higher Primary School, Right Side , Gollanabeedu Sargur
15 Gollanabeedu Sargur-2-Govt.Higher Primary School Left Side , Gollanabeedu Sargur
16 Kaniyanahundi-1-GovernmentHigher Primary School,(South)Kaniyanahundi
17 Shindenahalli-Government Higher Primary School Shindenahalli
18 Kyathana halli-1 -Government Higher Primary School, Kyathanahalli (East), Room No.1
19 Kyathana halli-2-Government Higher Primary School Kyathanahalli (West), Room No.2 (New Building)
20 Kyathana halli-3-Government Higher Primary School Kyathanahalli, (North) (Room no 3) (New Building)
21 Khandegowdanapura -Government Lower Primary School, Khandegowdanapura
22 Udayanagara (Devarajanagar)-Government Lower Primary School, Devarajanagar
23 Bharathipura-Milk Dairy Society, Bharathipura
24 Muruganahall-Government Lower Primary School, Muruganahall
25 Ghandhinagar-Government Higherr Primary School, Ghandinagar
26 Shariff colony (P.K.Kaval)-Government Lower Primary School, Shariff colony
27 Yelehundi-Government Lower Primary School, Yelehundi
28 Annur-1-Government Higher Primary School,(Room No-2 ) Annur
29 Annur-2-Government Higher Primary School,(New building) Annur
30 Gowdi Macha Naykanahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Gowdimachanaykanahalli
31 Hosahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Hosahalli
32 Nanjanaykanahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Nanjanaykana halli
33 Kottigeyedathore -1-Government Higher Primary School, North Wing, Kottige yedathore
34 Kottigeyedathore -2-Government Higher Primary School, South Wing, Kottige yedathore
35 Udboor Colony-Government Higher Primary School, Udboor Colony
36 Kottigeyedathore -3 (Tiger block)-Government Lower Primary School, Tiger block
37 Padukote (Indranagara )-Government Lower Primary School, Padukote(Indiranagar)
38 Gende Gowdara colony (Padukote) -Government Lower Primary School Gende Gowdara colony (Padukote)
39 Chikakereyur-1-Govt.Higher Primary School (East Side), Chikakereyur
40 Chikakereyur-2-Govt.Higher Primary School (West Side) , Chikakereyur
41 Pylwan colony (Chikkereyur)-Government Lower Primary School, Pylwan colony
42 M.Kannenahalli-Government Higher Primary School, M.Kannenahalli
43 Kunigalu-Government Lower Primary School, Kunigalu
44 Chamanahalli hundi -Government Higher Primary School, Chamanahalli
45 Jompanahalli-Government Lower Primary School, Jompanahalli
46 Bachegowdanahalli-1-Government Higher Primary School (East Side), Bachegowdanahalli
47 Bachegowdanahalli-2-Government Higher Primary School (West side), Bachegowdanahalli
48 Chamalapura-Government Lower Primary School, Chamalapura
49 Bettadabeedu-Government Higher Primary School, Bettadabeedu
50 Naykanahundi-Government Higher Primary School, Naykanahundi
51 Holehundi-Government Lower Primary School, Holehundi
52 Savve-Government Higher Primary School, Savve
53 Kodasige -Government Lower Primary School , Kodasige
54 Devalapura colony-Government Higher Primary School, Devalapura colony
55 Itna colony-Government Higher Primary School, Itna colony
56 Budhanooru-Government Higher Primary School, Budanooru
57 Basavanagiri hadi-Government Girijana ashrama School, Basvanagiri hadi
58 Agasarahundi-Government Lower Primary School, Agasarahundi
59 Metikuppe-Government Higher Primary School,Metikuppe
60 Chakkodana halli-Government Higher Primary School,Chakkodana halli
61 Shanthipura-Government Lower Primary School, Shanthipura
62 Konegowdanahundi-Government Lower Primary School, Konegowdanahundi
63 Vaddaragudi-Government Higher Primary School, Vaddaragudi
64 Haropura-Government Lower Primary (Kannada) School , Haropura
65 Malara Colony-Government High School, Malara Colony
66 Gujjappanahundi-Government Lower Primary School, Gujjappanahundi
67 Heragalli-Government Higher Primary School, Heragalli
68 Vaddarapalya-Government Lower Primary School Vaddarapalya
69 Avaragere -Government Lower Primary School Avaragere
70 Kohala-Government Higher Primary School,Kohala
71 Hathvalu-GovernmentHigher Primary School, Hathvalu   
72 Dalegowdanahundi-Government Lower Primary School Dalegowdanahundi   
73 Chikkanandi-Government Higher Primary School, East side Chikkanandi
74 Chamahalli-Government Lower Primary School, Chamahalli
75 Kanchamally-Government Higher Primary School, Kanchamally
76 Pura-Government Higher Primary School, Pura
77 Mahadevanagara-Government lower Primary School MahadevaNagara
78 Hirenandi-Government Lower Primary School Hirenandi
79 Hampapura -1-Government Higher Primary School, Hampapura
80 Hampapura -2-Government Urdu Primary School,Hampapura
81 Hommaragalli-Government High Primary School, Hommaragalli
82 Jinnahalli-Government Lower PrimarySchool, Jinnahalli
83 Malaradahundi-Government Higher Primary School, Malaradahundi
84 Hommaragalli-Government Higher Primary School, Hommaragalli
85 Shankahalli-Government Lower Primary School, Shankahalli
86 Kalihundi-Government Higher Primary School, Kalihundi
87 Kolagala-1-Government Higher Primary School East Wing Kolagala
88 Kolagala-2-Government Higher Primary School, West Wing, Kolagala
89 Madapura-1-Government Higher Primary School, East Wing, Madapura-
90 Madapura-3-Government Lower Primary School, Devaraja Colony Madapura-
91 Madapura-2-Government Higher Primary School, East Wing, Madapura-
92 Belaganahalli-1-Government Higher Primary School, Belaganahalli
93 Belaganahalli-2-Government Higher Primary School Hosathoravalli
94 Heggadadevanakote-1-Town Muncipal Office, (Old Taluk Office) Room No-1 H D Kote Town
95 Heggadadevanakote-2- Town Muncipal Office, (Old Taluk Office) Room No-3 H D Kote Town
96 Heggadadevanakote-3-Govt. Girls Pre University Arts, Commerce and Science Commerce Collage HD Kote town (Room-1)
97 Heggadadevanakote-4-Govt. Girls Pre University Arts, Commerce and Science Collage HD Kote town (Room-2)
98 Heggadadevanakote-5 H.B.Road,-Government Pre-University college, H B Road H D Kote
99 Krishnapura-Government Higher Primary School, Krishnapura
100 Heggadadevanakote-6 -Govt Model Higher Primary Boys School H D Kote Town. Room No-1 H D Kote Town
101 Heggadadevanakote-7-Govt Model Higher Primary Boys School H D Kote Town. Room No-3 H D Kote Town
102 Heggadadevanakote-8 -Office of the Assistant executive Engineer Panchayathraj .Engg. Sub-bdivision H D Kote
103 Heggadadevanakote-9-Office of the Assistant executive Engineer P.W.D.Engg. ,Sub- division H D Kote
104 Heggadadevanakote -10 Shivaji road-Government Higher Urdu Primary, School (North Side), H D Kote
105 Heggadadevanakote -11 Shivaji road-Government Higher Urdu Primary, School (South Side), H D Kote
106 Heggadadevanakote-12-Govt. Model Higher Primery Girls School(South Side), H D Kote
107 Heggadadevanakote-13-Govt. Model Higher Primery Girls School(North Side), H D Kote
108 Chakahalli  -Government Lower Primary School, Chakahalli
109 Dasanapura -Government Lower Primary School, Dasanapura
110 Hirehalli “A”colony-Government Higher Primary School, Hirehalli “A”colony
111 Hirehalli-Government Higher Primary School, Hirehalli
112 Naganahalli -1-Sacred heart Higher Primary School,( Room No. 1) Naganahalli
113 Naganahalli-2-Sacred heart Higher Primary School,(Room No.3) Naganahalli
114 Heggadapura-Government Higher Primary School, Heggadapura
115 Kattemanuganahalli-Government Lower Primary School, Kattemanuganahalli
116 Althalhundi-Government Lower Primary School, Althalhundi
117 Yarahalli Kaval (Handpost)-Government Higher Primary School, Yarahalli-kaval, (Handpost)
118 Yarahalli -1-Government Higher Primary School,(North side) Yarahalli
119 Yarahalli -2-Government Higher Primary School South Yarahalli
120 H.Matkere-1-Government Higher Primary (Room No-1) H Matakere
121 H.Matkere-2-Government Higher Primary (Room No-3) H Matakere
122 Hyrige-1 -Government Higher Primary School Hyrige- (North Side) New Building.
123 Hyrige-2-Grama Panchayat Office Hyrige
124 Hyrige-3-Government Higher Primary School, South Side, Room No1, Hyrige
125 Hyrige-4-Government Higher Primary School, East Side, Room No.-2, Hyrige
126 Chakkur-1-Government Higher Primary School (North Side), Chakkur
127 Chakkur-2-Government Higher Primary School (West Side), Chakkur
128 Adahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Adahalli
129 K-Belthur-1-Government Higher Primary School, New Building, K-Belthur-
130 K-Belthur-2-Government Higher Primary School, South Wing, K-Belthur-
131 K-Belthur-3-Government Higher Primary School, North Wing, K-Belthur-
132 Boppanahalli-1-Government Higher Primary School,(Room No-1, Near to Gate ) Boppanahalli
133 Boppanahalli-2- Government Higher Primary (Room No-3) Boppanahalli
134 Mottha-Government Higher Primary School, Mottha
135 Sathige hundi-Government Higher Primary School Sathige hundi
136 Ankanathapra-Girijana Ashrama School, Penjahalli colony
137 Taraka dam colony, Taraka-Government Lower Primary School,Taraka dam colony
138 Hirehalli “B”colony-Government Higher Primary School, Hirehalli “B”colony
139 Sheranahundi-Government Lower Primary School , Sheranahundi
140 Machanaykanahalli-Government LowerPrimary School , Machanaykanahalli
141 Kollegowdanahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Kollegowdanahalli
142 Jakkahalli-1-Government Higher Primary School, East Wing, Jakkahalli-
143 Jakkahalli-2-Government Higher Primary School, South wing, Jakkahalli-
144 Chowdahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Chowdahalli
145 Channegowdanahundi -Government LowerPrimary School , Channegowdanahundi
146 Hebbalaguppe-1-Government Higher Primary Boys School(North Side ), Hebbalaguppe-
147 Hebbalaguppe-2-Government Higher Primary Boys School (South Side), Hebbalaguppe-
148 Hebbalaguppe-3-Government High School,(East Side) Hebbalaguppe-
149 Hebbalaguppe-4-Government High School (West Side), Hebbalaguppe-
150 Kulya-Government Higher Primary School, Kulya
151 Hunaganahalli-Government Lower Primary School, Hunaganahalli
152 Manuganahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Manuganahalli
153 Hunasahalli-Government lower Primary School, Hunasahalli
154 Hulikura -Government Lower Primary School, Hulikura
155 Devalapura (Jakkahalli)-Government Lower Primary School, Devalapura (Jakkahalli)
156 Shiramahalii-1-Government Higher Primary School,(North Side), Shiramahalii
157 Shiramahalii-2-Government Higher Primary School(South Side), Shiramahalii
158 Anagatti-Government Higher Primary School, Anagatti
159 Ramenahalli -Government Higher Primary School, Ramenahalli
160 Ganeshana Gudi-Government Lower Primary School, Ganeshanagudi
161 Nuralakuppe-A-Government Lower Primary School, Nuralakuppe-A
162 Nuralakuppe-B-Government Lower Primary School, Nuralakuppe-B
163 Antharsanthe-1 -Government Higher Primary School (North Wing), Antharsanthe-
164 Antharsanthe- 2-Government Higher Primary School, South Wing, Antharsanthe-
165 Hunasekuppe-Government Lower Primary School, Hunasekuppe
166 Manchegowdanahalli (Nisna A colony)-Government Lower Primary School, Manchegowdanahalli(Nisna A colony)
167 Yelamathur-Government Lower Primary School, Yelamathur
168 Niluvagilu-Government lower Primary School, Niluvagilu
169 Thumbasoge-1-Government Higher Primary School(East wing), Thumbasoge
170 Thumbasoge-2-Government Higher Primary School (West Wing), Thumbasoge
171 Lanke-1-Government Higher Primary School(West Side), Lanke
172 Lanke-2-Government Higher Primary School (East Side), Lanke
173 Shanthipura-Government Higher Primary School, Shanthipura
174 Itna-1-Govt.Higher Primary School (East Side), Itna
175 Itna-3-Govt.Higher Primary School (south Side), Itna
176 Itna-2-Government Higher Primary School (West side), Itna
177 Bidagalu-Government Higher Primary School, Bidagalu
178 Magudilu-Government Higher Primary School, Magudilu
179 Nerale-1-Government Higher Primary School(South Wing), Nerale
180 Nerale-2-Government Higher Primary School(North Wing), Nerale
181 Jeeyara-Government lowerPrimary School, Jeeyara
182 Hosamala-Government Higher Primary School, Hosamala
183 Krishanarajpura (Magge)-1-Government Higher Primary School (North Side) Magge
184 Krishanarajpura (Magge)-2-Government Higher Primary School (West Side), Magge
185 Hosaholalu-1-Government Higher Primary School (North Side), Hosaholalu
186 Hosaholalu-2-Government Higher Primary School (West Side), Hosaholalu
187 Beechanahalli-Government model Higher Primary School, Beechanahalli
188 Agathur-1-Government Higher Primary School (East Side), Agathur
189 Agathur-2-Government Higher Primary School West Side Agathur
190 Sagare -1-Government Higher Primary School (New Building), Sagare
191 Sagare-2-Government Higher Primary School, (North Side) Sagare
192 Sagare-3-Government Higher Primary School, (South Side) Sagare
193 Sargur-1-JSS Higher Primary School (East Side), Sargur
194 Sargur-2-JSS Higher Primary School (West Side), Sargur
195 Sargur-3-Government Higher Primary girls School (Room No-1), sargur
196 Sargur-4-Government Higher Primary girls School (Room No-2), sargur
197 Sargur-5-Government Higher Primary Boys School (North Wing, Room-2), Sargur.
198 Sargur-6-Government Higher Primary Boys School (North Wing- Room-3), Sargur.
199 Sargur-7-Government Higher Primary Boys School ( South Wing) Sargur.
200 Sargur-8-Town panchayat office, Sargur
201 Sargur-9-Guru bhavan, Sargur
202 Kotthegalla-1-Government Higher Primary School(East Side), Kotthegalla
203 Kotthegalla-2-Government Higher Primary School(West Side), Kotthegalla
204 Chamegowdanahundi -Government Higher Primary School, Chamegowdanahundi
205 Gonathakalana hundi -Government Lower Primary School, Gonathakalana hundi
206 Puradakatte-Government lower Primary School, Puradakatte
207 Huvinakola-Government lower Primary School Huvinakola
208 Kattehunasur-Government Higher Primary School, Kattehunasur
209 Nanjipura-Government Higher Primary School, Nanjipura
210 Kallambalu-Government Higher Primary School Kallambalu
211 Dadadahalli -Government Higher Primary School, Dadadahalli
212 Kundoor-Government lower Primary School, Kundoor
213 Chamalapura-Government Higher Primary School Chamalapura
214 Halsur-1-Government Higher Primary (East Side) School, Halsur
215 Halsur-2-Government Higher Primary (West Side) School, Halsur
216 Narasipura-Government Lower Primary School, Narasipura
217 Heggudilu-Government Higher Primary School,Heggudilu
218 Hanchipura-Government Higher Primary School, Hanchipura
219 Bidarahalli-1-Govt.Higher Primary School East Wing, Bidarahalli
220 Bidarahalli-2-Govt.Higher Primary School (South Wing), Bidarahalli
221 Tharanimanti -Government higher Primary School, Tharanimanti
222 Uyyamballi-Government Lower Primary School , Uyyamballi
223 Basapura mala-Government Higher Primary School, Basapura mala
224 Sogahalli colony-1-Government Higher Primary School (North Side), Sogahalli Colony.
225 Sogahalli colony-2-Government Higher Primary School (South Side), Sogahalli Colony.
226 N-Belthur-1-Government Higher Primary School (New Building EastSide), N-Belthur
227 N-Belthur-2-Government Higher Primary School (New Building west side), N-Belthur
228 Malali -Government lower primary school, Malali
229 N-Belthur -3-Government Higher Primary School (North Side), N-Belthur
230 N-Belthur -4-Government Higher Primary School (South Side), N-Belthur
231 Kakanakote-Range forest office, Kakanakote
232 Gundathur colony-Government Higher Primary School, Gundathur colony
233 Beeramballi-Government higher Primary School, Beeramballi
234 N Begur-1-Government higher Primary School(North Wing), N-Begur
235 N Begur-2-Government higher Primary School(South Wing), N-Begur
236 KanakanahalliThittu -Government Lower Primary School, KanakanahalliThittu
237 Chatare hundi (Boredevara manti)-Government higher Primary School Boredevara manti
238 Kandegala-Government lower Primary School, Kandegala
239 Nandinathapura-Government lowerPrimary School, Nandinathapura
240 Shingapatna-Government lowerPrimary School, Shingapatna
241 Hegganur colony-Government Higher Primary School, Hegganur colony
242 Channipur ( Hegganur) -Government lowerPrimary School, Channipur ( Hegganur)
243 Masahalli-Government lower Primary School, Masahalli
244 Haliyur-Government Higher Primary School, Haliyur
245 Mullur-1-Government High School, Mullur
246 Bennagere-Government Lower Primery School, Bennegere.
247 Mullur-2-Govt.Higher Primary School(Right Side) , Mullur
248 Mullur-3-Govt.Higher Primary School(Left Side), Mullur
249 Hosa Beervalu-Government Higher Primary School, Hosa Beervalu
250 Changowdanahalli -Government Higher Primary School, Changowdanahalli
251 Dadadahalli-Government Higher Primary School, Dadadahalli
252 Devalapura-Government Higher Primary School Devalapura
253 Kenchanahalli-Government Higher Primary School(North Wing), Kenchanahalli
254 Kenchanahalli-2-Government Higher Primary School(North Wing), Kenchanahalli
255 Jakkahalli colony-Government Lower Primary School, Jakkahalli colony
256 Hosahalli -Swamy vivakananda higher primary school, Hosahalli
257 Gandathur-Government Lower Primary School, Gandathur
258 Macchur-1-Government Higher Primary School(East Side), Macchur
259 Macchur-2-Government Higher Primary School(West Side), Macchur
260 Doddabyranakuppe-1-Government Higher Primary (North Side) School Doddabhairanakuppe
261 Doddabyranakuppe-2-Government Higher Primary School (East Side) Doddabhairanakuppe
262 Vadakanamala -Government Lower Primary School, Vadakanamala
263 Katavalu-Government Higher Primary School, Katavalu
264 Telagumasahalli-Government Lower Primary School, Thelagumasahalli
265 Badagalapura-Government Higher Primary School, Badagalapura
266 Hadanur-1-Government Higher Primary School(East Side), Hadanur
267 Hadanur-2-Government Higher Primary School(West side), Hadanur
268 Badaga-1-Government Lower Primary School, Badaga
269 Badaga-2-Government Lower Primary School, Kallahalla
270 Nemmanahalli-Government Lower Primary School, Nemmanahalli
271 Bankavadi-Government Higher Primary School, Bankavadi
272 Nadahadi-Government Lower Primary School, Nadahadi
273 B.Matakere-Ashrama School, B.Matakere
274 Muthige chikkathalalu -Government Higher Primary School, Mutthige chikkathalalu
275 Hosakote -Government Lower Primary School Hosakote
276 Hirehall-Government Lower Primary School, Hirehalli
277 Mugathanamoole -Government Higher Primary School, Shivapura
278 Channagundi-1-Government Higher Primary School South Side Channagundi
279 Channagundi-2-Government Higher Primary School North Side Channagundi
280 Etthige -Government Lower Primary School, Etthige
281 Kurnegala-Government Lower Primary School, Kurnegala
282 Moleyur-Government Higher Primary School, Moleyur
283 Chikka baragi-Government Lower Primary School, Chikkabaragi
284 Doddabaragi -Government Lower Primary School, Doddabaragi