Department of Sericulture

Mulberry farming

Karnataka is a homeland of mysore Silk. Karnataka sericulture has history of more than 215 years. In 1785 Tippu Sultan established sericulture in Channapatana. Since its inception Channapatana silk farm is working on Silk seed breeding and breeding experiments.

Sericulture department is one of the oldest independent department to be established during Birtish government in 1914.

Department was given much importance during the rule of Mysore King Sri Nalawadikrishnaraja Wadiyar under the guidance of Sir.M. Vishweshwaraiah.

Department Objectives

  • To increase area under mulberry of high yielding variety.
  • To increase the leaf yield production and productivity.
  • To increase cocoon production qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • To produce international graded silk.
  • To improve the financial status of Sericulturist.


Contact details of District Office:

Deputy Director

Department Of Sericulture
#932,1st main
Office No: 0821-2334004

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