Swadesh Darshan 2.0


The Swadesh Darshan Scheme was launched in 2015 by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, to develop sustainable and responsible tourism destinations in the country. The Ministry had sanctioned 76 projects under the Scheme to date. With the mantra of ‘vocal for local’, the revamped scheme namely Swadesh Darshan 2.0 seeks to attain “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” by realizing India’s full potential as a tourism destination. Swadesh Darshan 2.0 is not an incremental change but a generational shift to evolve Swadesh Darshan Scheme as a holistic mission to develop sustainable and responsible tourism destinations covering tourism and allied infrastructure, tourism services, human capital development, destination management and promotion backed by policy and institutional reforms. The current scheme envisages development of sustainable and responsible tourist destinations in the country by adopting the Destination Centric Approach.

Ministry of Tourism, subsequent to the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee’s approval vide its letter dated 04.01.2023 provided the In-Principal Approval of Mysuru to be developed under Swadesh Darshan 2.0 Scheme.

The Vision for Mysuru

The project vision for Mysuru is to position the city as a beacon of sustainable and responsible tourism for the country, showcasing its rich historical and cultural heritage while embracing the principles of environmental preservation and holistic well-being. The aspiration is to make it a vibrant confluence of Heritage, Ecological, Wellness, Spiritual, and Contemporary Tourism. This is achieved by considering the KEA Dasara Exhibition ground as the Gateway to Mysore from which the various experience zones; Cultural, Ecological, Spiritual and Wellness zones have been conceived.

The Main objective of the vision consists of the following:

  1. Celebrates confluence of lifestyles (from royal past, to evolving contemporary aspirations)
  2. Capitalize tourism as a stimulus for local economy (performing arts, handicrafts, entrepreneurship, and hospitality)
  3. Conserve and enhance the natural assets.
  4. Create a strong sense of public realm to improve quality of life.

Self Sustaining clusters and experience zones

To enhance the tourism potential of Mysuru, 5 self-sustaining clusters and experience zones are envisioned, dedicated to various tourism activities. These include the Cultural, Ecological, Spiritual, Design and Wellness experience zones. The primary objective of these precincts is to ensure that all the diverse layers of tangible and intangible experiences of the city are tapped on and enhance Mysuru as a unique destination with the ability to bring people back to visit multiple times, incentivize them to stay longer and keep them wanting to revisit the memories they make.


Swadesh Darshan                                                       sd2


Over the next two years, Swadesh Darshan scheme aims to bring a generational change to the Tourist Experience in Mysuru. The vision for Mysuru under the Swadesh Darshan 2.0 Scheme emerges as a transformative endeavor, aiming to position the city as a beacon of sustainable and responsible tourism. With its holistic approach, the project blends historical and cultural heritage with environmental preservation, crafting a unique destination that celebrates confluence, stimulates the local economy, conserves natural assets, and enhances public realms. The self-sustaining clusters and experience zones promise a tapestry of diverse and immersive encounters, ensuring Mysuru’s allure extends beyond a one-time visit.

“There’s Always More to do in Mysuru!”

Destination Management Committee - Mysuru

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1 Deputy Commissioner, Mysuru District Chairperson
2 Superintendent of Police, Mysuru District Members
3 Joint Director, Department of Industries and Commerce, Mysuru Members
4 Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, Mysuru Members
5 Deputy Director, Department of Information and Public Relations, Mysuru Members
6 Commissioner, Mysuru Metropolitan Corporation, Mysuru Members
7 District Skill Development officer, Mysuru Members
8 Assistant Director, Department of Tourism, Mysuru Members
9 President, Hotel and Resort Owners Association, Mysuru Members
10 President, Mysuru Travel Association Members
11 Joint Director, Department of Tourism, Mysuru Member Secretary
12 Chief Executive Officer, Karnataka Exhibitions Authority, Mysuru Members
13 Commissioner, Department of Archaeology, Museums, Mysuru Members
14 Commissioner, Mysuru Urban Development Authority, Mysuru Members
15 Director, Airport Authority, Mysuru Members