Rural Development and Panchayat Raj

Mysuru Zilla Panchayath

Zilla Panchayath ZP

The Zilla Panchayath is headed by the Adyaksha and assisted by the Upadyaksha, a team of 46 ZP elected members, and MLAs, MLCs and MPs who are ex-officio members of ZP. In all, there are 70 elected members who take decisions regarding the financial, social and developmental matters of the whole district.

There are 5 sub-committees:

  • Planning, Finance and Audit sub-committee headed by the ZP Adyaksha
  • General Standing sub-committee headed by ZP Upadyaksha
  • Education and Health sub-committee
  • Agriculture and Industry sub-committee
  • Social Justice sub-committee

The executing authority is the Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Government.

The Chief Executive Officer is assisted by

  • The Deputy Secretary (ADM)
  • The Deputy Secretary (DEV)
  • The Chief Planning Officer
  • The Chief Accounts Officer
  • Project Director

Role of Planning Section:

The Chief Planning Officer heads the Planning Section and Council Section. This section

  • Compiles the requirements of the plan amounts of Grama Panchayath, Taluk Panchayath and the Zilla Panchayath
  • Prepares the perspective plan of the Grama Panchayath,Taluk Panchayath and the Zilla Panchayath
  • Distributes the plan schemes grants released from the government to Zilla Panchayath among Zilla Panchayath, Taluk Panchayath and Grama Panchayath
  • Monitors the progress of implementation of plan schemes
  • Prepares Taluk Panchayath Grama Panchayath and Zilla Panchayath annual developmental plan
  • Prepares the draft plan for Zilla Panchayath and urban local bodies for submission to the Finance Committee and general body meeting.
  • Prepares the MMR for each Plan schemes
  • Prepares the notes for monthly and quarterly KDP meetings
  • Prepares the notes for review meeting of District-in-charge
  • Prepares the guidelines, allotment and physical targets of the action plan
  • Monitors the implementation of all housing schemes in the rural areas of the district
  • Feeding and monitoring grama panchayati samanya mahiti
  • Prepares the notes for District Planning Committee meeting
  • District Planning Committee – Election
  • Chief Planning Officer work as secretary of social justice sub – committee.

Role of Counsel section:

  • Preparation of agenda for the Zilla Panchayath general body meetings and special meetings
  • Answer the questions of the ZP members
  • Issue meeting notices
  • Record meeting proceedings
  • Take follow-up action on whatever points were taken up at the meetings
  • Zilla Panchayath Sub – Committee Election

Role of the Accounts Section :

  • The Chief Accounts Officer is the financial head.
  • The section prepares the budget of Zilla Panchayath
  • Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual accounts
  • Advises the CEO regarding financial transactions
  • Monitors the repayment of loans, interest on loans from other departments
  • Internal audit of Taluk Panchayath, Grama Panchayath and Zilla Panchayath
  • Releases the amount from Zilla Panchayath to various implementing officers
  • Chief Accounts Officer work as secretary of finance and audit sub – committee

Role of Administrative section:

  • Supervision of the administrative work of all departments coming under Zilla Panchayath and Zilla Panchayath office
  • Administrative and general supervision of Zilla Panchayath activities
  • Deputy Secretary works as Secretary of 2 standing sub-committees

Role of Development section:

  • Deals with all correspondence for RDPR programs and sends reports for RDPR schemes
  • Implements rural drinking water supply
  • Implements NREGA central scheme

Role of Project Director Section:

  • Implements SGSY, Rajiv Gandhi drinking water scheme, Swacha grama and IREP schemes
  • Implements NRLM Scheme