Horticulture Department

Mission of Establishing the Department

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Horticulture is a significant and upcoming sector in Karnataka. Horticulture has proved to be the best diversification option for agricultural land use, because of assured and the remunerative returns to the farmers. The Department of Horticulture is responsible for the overall development of Horticulture in the state. The Department is adopting a definite policy for the development of Horticulture, covering the following mandate.

Department Objectives

  • Area expansion under Horticulture crops based on agro-climatic suitability.
  • Production and distribution of quality planting materials of various Horticultural plants.
  • Dissemination of advanced Horticultural technology.
  • Giving boost to dry land horticulture.
  • Helping the farmers to achieve water economy through special irrigation techniques.
  • Promoting hi-tech horticulture.
  • Assisting the farmers in availing credit assistance.
  • Organizing effective plant protection programs.
  • Providing post harvest and marketing assistance.
  • Encouraging Organic cultivation methods.
  • Helping the farmers in value addition and export of Horticultural produce
  • Achieving high degree of human resource development. (HRD)
  • Providing support to the research organizations, especially to solve the burning field problems faced by the farmers.


Contact details of District Office:

Deputy Director

Curzon Park
Near Palace North gate
Office No: 0821-2422255

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