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The Department of Fisheries was established in the year of 1957 with an objective to increase production of fish by utilizing the rich resources in marine and Inland sector. Karnataka has about 5.93 lakh hectare of Inland water resources 8000 hectare of brackish water and 320 km of coastline with 27000 sq km of continental shelf.

The Fish production in Karnataka was around 2.00lakh tons in early eighties and reached to a peak of over 3.00 lakh tons in mid-nineties. The average fish production up to last 5 years is about 5.65 tons with the contribution of Marine sector being 66% and Inland sector 34% for the year. The fish production from the state contributed about 5.86% of India’s total fish production for the year 2013-14. The current level of per-capita fish availability in the state is around 6.8 Kg. The contribution of Fisheries sector to GSDP at current prices during 1993-94 was Rs.16316 lakhs and it has increased to Rs.286473.00 lakh in 2012-13.

Since Fisheries has gained an important status as it contributes to food production, nutritional security (Cheapest source of protein), Employment generation and foreign exchange, in addition to this fisheries sector has assured the characteristics of industrial Enterprise. So it needs to develop Infra structures like fish harvesting, Fish landing centers development encouraging fish preservation and processing centers fish marketing facilities are taking place by the fisheries department

Fisheries department is also implementing several welfare schemes to improve socio-economic development of fisher-folk.

The department is also responsible for the rational development and conservation of Fishery resources. Including endangered species, locally available native species etc. Department through its several programs and activities, encouraging research in fisheries an extension activities to give scientific and technical guidance to fish farmers.

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