Disaster Management



“Disaster” means unforeseen and serious threat to public life with suddenness in terms of time. Declaration of disaster depends on gravity or magnitude of situation, number of victims involved, time factor i.e. suddenness of an event, non- availability of medical care in terms of space, equipment’s medical and paramedical staff, medicines and other basic human needs like food, shelter and clothing, weather conditions in the locality of incident etc., thus enhancing human sufferings and create human needs that the victim cannot alleviate without assistance. Disasters have been occurring ever since the existence of mankind.

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Deputy Commissioner cum Chairman

District Disaster Management Authority

Mysuru (Karnataka )

Phone: +91-0821-2424079

Fax: +91-0821- 2429012 /2428383

E-mail: dcofficemysuru@gmail[dot]com

This plan is developed by the District Disaster Management Authority, Mysuru with active support from NDMA, NIDM, KSDMA, Karnataka -State Inter Agency Group, Mysuru District -Inter Agency Group, and other key agencies in the year 2017.

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1. National Disaster Management Portal National Disaster Management Portal
2. District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP)- 2017

DDMP PART-1 (PDF 7.03MB) ,

DDMP PART-2 (PDF 8.86MB) ,

DDMP PART-3 (PDF 1.66MB) .