Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services

Mission of Establishing the Department

Sheep Farming

The department of Animal Husbandry Veterinary Services started functioning independently from 1945. The department is playing a vital role in providing healthcare services to livestock, extension and training to farmers, implementation of Socioeconomic programs, conducting Sample Survey and Animal Census programs periodically in the State.

Department Objectives

  • Prevent, control, eradicate animal diseases and provide diagnostic, therapeutic & veterinary services.
  • Development of Feed and Fodder along with Quality Control..
  • Development of cattle, buffaloes, small ruminants, poultry and piggery.
  • Increase milk, meat & egg production with quality assurance.
  • Provide assistance to livestock, poultry farmers & entrepreneurs.
  • Improve livestock production technologies.
  • Encourage hygienic production system, processing and marketing milk, meat & eggs.
  • Establish Quality Control/Certification units for milk meat & eggs.
  • Promote Research & Developmental activities in Animal ,Veterinary & Dairy sciences.
  • Strengthening extension education activities.
  • Conservation and development of native breeds along with genetic mapping.
  • Establishing/strengthening Veterinary Institutions with focus on backward area.
  • Socio-economic programs for SC, ST, OBC and women through animal husbandry activities.


Contact details of District Office:

Deputy Director

CVH Premises
Dhanvantri Road
Office No: 0821-2420606

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