Zilla Panchayat

Zilla Panchayath Administration:

Zilla Panchayath ZP

The Zilla Panchayath is headed by the Adyaksha and assisted by the Upadyaksha, a team of 47 ZP elected members, and MLAs, MLCs and MPs who are ex-officio members of ZP. In all, there are around 70 elected members who take decisions regarding the financial, social and developmental matters of the whole district.

There are 5 sub-committees:

  1. Planning, Finance and Audit sub-committee headed by the ZP Adyaksha
  2. General Standing sub-committee headed by ZP Upadyaksha
  3. Education and Health sub-committee
  4. Agriculture and Industry sub-committee
  5. Social Justice sub-committee

The executing authority is the Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Government.

The Chief Executive Officer is assisted by

  1. The Deputy Secretary (ADM)
  2. The Deputy Secretary (DEV)
  3. The Chief Planning Officer
  4. The Chief Accounts Officer
  5. Project Director

Role of Planning Section:

The Chief Planning Officer heads the Planning Section and Council Section. This section

  • Compiles the requirements of the plan amounts of Grama Panchayath, Taluk Panchayath and the Zilla Panchayath
  • Prepares the perspective plan of the Grama Panchayath,Taluk Panchayath and the Zilla Panchayath
  • Distributes the plan schemes grants released from the government to Zilla Panchayath among Zilla Panchayath, Taluk Panchayath and Grama Panchayath
  • Monitors the progress of implementation of plan schemes
  • Prepares Taluk Panchayath Grama Panchayath and Zilla Panchayath annual developmental plan
  • Prepares the draft plan for Zilla Panchayath and urban local bodies for submission to the Finance Committee and general body meeting.
  • Prepares the MMR for each Plan schemes
  • Prepares the notes for monthly and quarterly KDP meetings
  • Prepares the notes for review meeting of District-in-charge
  • Prepares the guidelines, allotment and physical targets of the action plan
  • Monitors the implementation of all housing schemes in the rural areas of the district
  • Feeding and monitoring grama panchayati samanya mahiti
  • Prepares the notes for District Planning Committee meeting
  • District Planning Committee – Election
  • Chief Planning Officer work as secretary of social justice sub – committee.

Role of Counsel section:

  • Preparation of agenda for the Zilla Panchayath general body meetings and special meetings
  • Answer the questions of the ZP members
  • Issue meeting notices
  • Record meeting proceedings
  • Take follow-up action on whatever points were taken up at the meetings
  • Zilla Panchayath Sub – Committee Election

Role of the Accounts Section :

  • The Chief Accounts Officer is the financial head.
  • The section prepares the budget of Zilla Panchayath

  • Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual accounts
  • Advises the CEO regarding financial transactions
  • Monitors the repayment of loans, interest on loans from other departments
  • Internal audit of Taluk Panchayath, Grama Panchayath and Zilla Panchayath
  • Releases the amount from Zilla Panchayath to various implementing officers
  • Chief Accounts Officer work as secretary of finance and audit sub – committee

Role of Administrative section:

  • Supervision of the administrative work of all departments coming under Zilla Panchayath and Zilla Panchayath office
  • Administrative and general supervision of Zilla Panchayath activities
  • Deputy Secretary works as Secretary of 2 standing sub-committees

Role of Development section:

  • Deals with all correspondence for RDPR programs and sends reports for RDPR schemes
  • Implements rural drinking water supply
  • Implements NREGA central scheme

Role of Project Director Section:

  • Implements SGSY, Rajiv Gandhi drinking water scheme, Swacha grama and IREP schemes
  • Implements NRLM Scheme


Zilla Panchayat President, Vice President and Officers Mobile / Office Numbers
Sl.No Name  Designation Contact Number Mobile Number
1 Smt. Gayithri K.M., I.A.S Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Panchayath Mysuru 0821-2330052 9480873000
2. Dr|| Nagaraju (Incharge) Deputy Secretary-1, Zilla Panchayath Mysuru  0821-2526321 9480873002
3. Sri.Jagannath Murthy Deputy Secretary-2, Zilla Panchayath Mysuru 0821-2526354 9480873666
4. Smt Meghala (Incharge) Project Director, D.R.D.A. Zilla Panchayath Mysuru 0821-2526319 9480873001
5. Basavaraju  Chief Accounts Officer,  Zilla Panchayath Mysuru 0821-2526302 9480873003
6. Manjunath Angadi (Incharge) Chief Planning Officer, Zilla Panchayath Mysuru 0821-2526308 9480873004
7. Vishwanath (Incharge) Asst. Secretary,  Zilla Panchayath Mysuru 0821-2526328 9886856239
8. Revanna Education Officer, Zilla Panchayath Mysuru 0821-2526325 9480835566